Using synergies – this is the intention of the new cooperation between two surface specialists. Hyundai L&C and REHAU are two companies that have been providing impulses for architects, interior designers, and designers for decades.

Together, Hyundai L&C and REHAU want to offer their target groups a wider range of products and services as well as continuous innovation to develop new trends and to provide new impulses to customize the settings to meet the requirements.

Leveraging synergies & bundling forces to maximize the added values for the Customers


Hanex® Solid Surface is an acrylic solid surface material which is highly resistant to stains and chemicals due to the high level of alumina trihydrate. Its unique blend of acrylic resin and natural materials allow HANEX® to be cut, shaped and formed to fit a range of designs.

As HANEX® is acrylic, the fabrication advantages are almost unlimited. It can be cut, shaped, molded and thermoformed into 3D shapes. HANEX® is used everywhere that you can imagine such as kitchen, hotel, healthcare or transport, the design capabilities are endless. The only limitation of HANEX® is your imagination.

Stratum series is inspired by nature in a worldly perspective and is full filled with a soft range of colors and unique, organic patterns. You discover the artistic, unconventional scene of the nature. Enjoy the new view of the earth. Create your own, unique and long-lasting atmosphere in the style of the depth and boundlessness of stone.

Stratum series is inspired by nature in a worldly perspective and soft range of colors with unique, organic patterns.

We create a basis to combine nature with urban, luxurious aura.

Discover the greatness and glory of our new collection. Inspired by the beauty of mother earth and the desires of people to harmonize their environment, with our new collection we create a basis to combine nature with urban, luxurious Aura.


Personalise your design. The wide range of solid surface aesthetics offer an inspiring 111 colours of solid, textures and translucent tones. You can accentuate your design with customized colours.


The unlimited design flexibility of HANEX® enables you to create beautiful, durable and aesthetically pleasing surface in any residential and commercial setting.
Commercial applications include any vertical or horizontal surface in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Airports, Hospitals, Food Preparation Facilities, Retail Outlets, Schools, Universities, Stadiums, Offices, Exhibition Stands & Public Buildings